45th Desert Regatta2021

Desert Regatta Lite, Lake Sacajewea, Charbonneau Park, June 12-13, 2021

Skipper Boat Colors D-PN Sail # Total Points Place
Ray Peters
Mark Bowden
FS 4887
89.6 4887 10 1st
Ken Dyer
single handed
FS 25
89.6 25 29 2nd
Jeff Bartlett
Jeff Nelson
FS 5678
89.6 5678 32 3rd
Scott Chambers
Paul Chambers
Mark White
FS 4378
89.6 6001 40 4th
John Landefeld
Ralph Wilson
FS 2127
89.6 2127 43 5th
Dennis Trimble
Mike Marley
FS 1863
89.6 1863 49 6th
Tony Marlow
Zach Marlow
FS 1868
Lemon Breeze
89.6 1868 66 7th

After skipping the 44th running of the Desert Regatta in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on Saturday June 12th and Sunday June 13th the CBSC hosted the 45th running of the Desert Regatta. Billed as The Desert Regatta – Light, it was limited to local sailors and a very scaled down version of the Saturday post-race get together.

Seven boats took to the course on Saturday morning to light and variable winds. There was no clear side of the course or strategy, which would yield consistent results. You could be leading by a country mile one minute and then to the back of the pack the next. Just when one side of the course looked like it was the winner, the boats on the loser side of the course would get a “private” breeze, which would bring them right back into the lead. The conditions kept everyone on their toes and kept the racing close.

As the early afternoon wind started to fill in a bit, we started sailing longer courses. While sailing a S, 4, 3, 1, F – marks to port course, the fleet was sailing from mark 4 to mark 3 when a Tug with 4 grain barges appeared, heading for the locks. Unable to get across the lake to mark 3 ahead of the tug & barge the fleet had to maneuver around it’s stern. Between lighter air and the prop wash from the tug the fleet got all shook up, but everyone made it safely to mark 3. Thinking we were in the clear for the sail from mark 3 to mark 1, the tug & barge parked itself in the middle of the lake. The fleet again had to decide how to cross the lake safely, without interfering with the commercial traffic. Just about the time the fleet was getting near the tug & barge, out of the locks popped a river tour cruise ship. The tug powered up heading for the locks and the cruise ship started heading up river. Again everyone made it safely to the leeward mark, without running afoul of either the tug or the cruise ship. To say the least, it was an interesting race!

The rest of the day went well and after 5 races it was done for the day and back on the trailers. Afterwards we gathered under one of the pavilions to share some snacks and a few much appreciated ice cold beverages.

On Sunday with the winds light and variable, the first race started at 11:00. As the day progressed, the winds improved. The sailing was great and the competition close, and no tugs, barges, or cruise ships. We managed to get in 6 races, yielding 11 races for the weekend. Enough races allowing for a throw out race. After a short trophy presentation, the boats were packed away and all headed home satisfied at having enjoyed a semi-normal weekend of sailing. Race Committee: Jeff Bartlett

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