Summer Race #2, Lake Sacajewea, Charbonneau Park, June 17, 2021

Skipper Boat Colors D-PN Sail # Total Points Place
Ray Peters
Mark Bowden
FS 4887
89.6 4887 10 1st
Jeff Bartlett
FS 5678
89.6 5678 10 2nd
John Landefeld
Ralph Wilson
FS 2127
89.6 2127 14 3rd
Ken Dyer
Single Handed
FS 25
89.6 25 15 4th
Scott Chambers
Mark White
FS 4803
89.6 6001 18 5th
Dennis Trimble
Single Handed
FS 1863
89.6 1863 20 6th
Terry Filson
Single Handed
Santana 23
84.0 28802 4 1st

After a couple of weeks of postponements due to the high pressure heat dome that produced daytime temperatures well over 100°f for days and days in a row. We caught a break on Saturday, June 17th, and sailed the Summer Race #2, under clear skies, warn but not too hot temperatures, and light and variable winds. It was a day that favored boat handling, sail set and trim, and a goodly wallop of just plain dumb luck.

After sailing 4 races, we were off the water before the late afternoon heat came on. It was a good day of sailing, followed up by a few cold beverages at the social distanced Burbank Tavern. All in all, it was an excellent day of just messing about in boats. Race Committee: Jeff Bartlett

Overall Summer Race Series, 2021

Skipper Boat Colors #1 #2 #3 Points Place
Ray Peters FS 4887
10 10 1st
Jeff Bartlett FS 5678
10 10 2nd
John Landefeld FS 2127
14 14 3rd
Ken Dyer FS 25
15 15 4th
Scott Chambers FS 4803
18 18 5th
Dennis Trimble FS 1863
20 20 6th
Terry Filson Santana 23
4 4 1st

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